This will be the last post of just me for a bit. Going to bhave some good guests on and we are going to get into a lot of subjects. This vlog is a sensitive one but needed to be said, I am going to expand on this with my guests in the coming weeks.  It is going to be very interesting.


Another great info podcast guys.  I just want to get the truth out and push my audience to do their research and get the facts.  I know time is not on our side but we need to know whats going on around us so we can protect our own.  These people who run the world do not care about us.  THey have us in the illusion and take our power away but they know they cant do that. We will rise up all of us and when that happens we will prevail and live the prosperous life we were promised when we set foot on mother earth.

Hi Guys,

Happy New year. Check out my Vlog tonight. It has some good tidbits in it.  I cannot stress, do your research.  I will be going deeper through the year with the current events and also some human history which will blow your mind. I am just planting the seed so people can open their minds. In time we will and it will be glorious when human kind is going to wake up finally. I will see the awakening in my lifetime. I garauntee this.

Check out my vlpg. I am getting into more of this. Will have some guests coming up soon. I want the truth to come out and also for people to find this truth.  I am just planting some seeds. I dont have all the answers (no way!!) but I am willing to make this world a better place by weeding out these demons.


Hey Guys check out my Vlog.  It is speaking on current events and also future ones.  Get ready, this is going to be a bumpy end of the year. 2019 will be crazy.  We are coming towards the light which is for good not bad.  Lets start waking up more people, research find things you can do to make yours and also others lives better.