We are nearing the end of this charade.  We as a people need to wake up and then stand up. This is not about the virus, it is about control. First they told us to stay in our house for 2 weeks to stop the spread, then it turned into 2 months.  Then now they are telling us to wear masks temporarily. What is next people? This is about control. The next phase is getting our consent to take a vaccine which has been in testing for 12 months. This should be the last straw and I implore people to stand up to this.  It is some scary times we live in they say,but it is really the awakening times.  The truth is slowly getting leaked out and more people are seeing what this really is.  It is not about the virus it is about control.  We need to take this control back, we need to live our lives to the best of our abilities and this is not it. We will prevail.  This is a war between good and evil but evil will always perish when a few good people rise up and this is what is happening.  Never fear anything because it is just an illusion.  We will prevail. I will keep speaking my mind and truth.  This is going to be a long journey but I am down to take this all the way.

Are these the last days?  Only for the demons who have been taking control of the peoples freedom of the world.  These demons are on their last throws to try and gain control of the system they built where it is slowly crumbling on them.  There is no turning back. The only thing these demons have is an offense which is predictable and the illusion they are trying to portray on the public is slowly disappearing.  The COVID situation, the manufactured anti-racism riots which are not even about racism anymore.  There are a lot of victims dying in this war and the people responsible for this will be persecuted if not by the law but by the most high.  The house of cards are coming down especially with the arrest of one of the notorious handler in the last 30 years Ghisllean Maxwell (might have spelt her name wrong).  This is just the beginning, we need a change in direction for our society and these demons need to be put to where they belong and that is hell with the cage locked for eternity.  This will happen and we will have an awakening like never before.  Hang on people, it is going to be a bumpy ride.




Happy Canada Day.  This is when Canada got its independence.  We need to be fighting for that everyday.  It is going to be hard because there are a lot of demons trying to take that from us. We need to be deligent in every way and not take our rights for granted.  Most people are good and only want the best for others and themselves and we need to be like that coming up in the next 6 months or even longer. The powers that were are about to be defeated, their system is crumbling and they have all their ammunition pointed and firing at will with manufactured events.  This will fail, and when it does it will be liberating to say the least.   We as a people will have the great honour of growing our society that everyone race, creed, and colour will enjoy.  This will go on for generations and its up to us right now to teach it and work on it everyday.

I have been doing this for 2 years.  I was red pilled in 2010, I saw what the agenda was with our society.  It is about control and not freedom.  If we are not careful we will be on the brink of distruction of the human race.  That chipping in the skin is not a joke, that is just part of the end game.  It might come in a actual chip put in your skin or maybe a vaccine? It is going to be a fight to the finish.  The earth has a different frequency it happened ever since 2012.  The weather got more intense with the heat, the storms etc.  This takes a toll on the human mind in a good and bad way. Lots of people feel the effect of this because we are the children of this earth and also the sun.  We are about to embark on the journey that will free us and it is because of the frequencies we are experiencing that lots of people are being awake.  The spell we were in for 1000 of years is slowly disapating and we see that the world we are living in is not what it seems.  We will be the ones who need to create our own world with freedom of self and others.  It is time.

It is time people.  It is time to stand up, this is going to be a rocky finish but the good guys are going to be on top.  Do not be afraid of these demons as they are exposed and will scatter and hopefully parish with the power of the awakening masses. We have a time limit here which we have to adhere to and this shift is so strong it will reveal everything which is wrong with our society.  It is going to be up to us to right the ship and live a full and productive life for us and our family.  It is coming, the great awakening and I am happy to be witnessing it.


It’s crunch time, I have the outmost feeling that we are going to find out who is going to win this war at the end of 2020.  We are seeing people in power flex their muscles in trying to stop people’s freedo.  The reason why this is getting ramped up is the great awakening is going to happen.  We need to stand strong and also stand together, do not trust what the mainstream media is telling you and try and do your research and come to your conclusions and try and share with people who want to hear it.  Not all people want to hear the truth and just want to go with the current trend.  Look to be a beacon of truth no matter how big or small, you need to help with this final push.  Bottom line is that one side is going to win and what is at stake is your humanity.  Which side are you on?

We are in the last days.  The last days of the great Awakening or the New World Order.  We as a human species are wired to be great inb every way and people putting restrictions on you do not have your best interests.  This Vlog is to wake people up and try to get them to see what is really the reason why these demons are trying to stop you.  They cannot survive without you but they are like vampires.  They survive on all the bad things which come out of you for example your fear, your madness, your jealousy.  That’s what the secret is.  These demons feed over your negativity.  We need to wake up and hopefully it is not too late.  This is a war and its been fought for over thousands of years and we as humans are in a big transition which will change us for millenia.  It will be in our life time like right now.  When you are ready you will see the truth and it might scare you or make you angry but the real antitode is to stick together.  Gather the information put forth for us.  People love to read the bible but the bible is also the internet library which has been put forth for us.  Read, research and code this because there is information there that will set you free and join this war as a soldier and maybe a general to lead your squad to the ascension we deserve. It will come down to which agenda will be the one to take the human race to the next level.  Be in this fight.

This has been a trying time, for the world and the human race.  I have been here for 41 years its not a long time but everything has been coming to me in a blink of an eye..  Its been crazy. No one believes me that we will be ok.  we are stronger than what people want us to be   so we need to be strong.  we will bw ok if we stick together but the most important thing is that find out the real cause of our problems to fix it.  I am blabbing an typing shit that is the bottom line.  We are stuck in a vortex of pain, when we know that we can be ok that is when we willl succed and that is the truth. Fear is the driving force of  the human racew, when we conquer it we will be ok.  My friends dont feel that way and want to preach it till the day they die but I will be th elast person to tell them that their words will be the last,  we will survive and that is the truth.  We will look at this virus, or whatever yo u want to call it and say, I have beaten you.  The human body is stronger than anything that has been put on us, we have made this world ours.  The people who want to take us out have tried numerous times but have made us multiply 7 times as you see today.  We will beat this because we are bigger than any economic system, socialist system, biological system. We will keep going becuse we are H.U.M.A.N. Dont you forget that.