This video is about the 2021 inaguaration and it is going to be biblical. This is going to shape the world for years to come. Either we are done as a free and democratic place or we a surps to the ruling class. That is not going to happen as we are shifting into a higher consciousness as human race. We are going to be free whether we like it or not. Hopefully we like it. This is going to awaken a lot of people in the coming days or weeks. We are going to witness history and I am proud to be part of it.


This is the new year 2021 hopefully not a continuation of 2020. This is the Apocalypse, not about chaos but about the revelation where truth will prevail over the lies we have been told. This is going to be hard for some people but the ones who are ready for this will understand. We need to get our spirit and also our power back as human beings. We are our destiny and we should not have to give our destiny to anyone to control. This is some good times we are living in and it will come to pass later one. We will see that the emperor has no clothes!! This is going to be biblical.

This agenda is just getting started, these tyrants are trying to destroy the human spirit. It is up to us to fight like never before. This is not about mask wearing or the virus it is for the rights we inherited from the people who died to protect this country. We have impostors like mayors and prime ministers who have forgotten this or just dont care and trying to kill the spirit of the Western people and also our freedoms. Stand up and be heard. This is why I am doing these videos. I speak on the vaccine and how they will roll it out and try to take your freedoms with it. All I can say is do not let them. It is time for us to say NO!! WAKE UP!!

We are coming to the great reset. This reset is not what you think. The demons want to take our freedoms away saying that it is for our safety with a virus if you are healthy you can fight off 99 percent of the time. They are telling us what to shop for and also arresting us for not wearing a mask. These tyrants will meet their demise as the great reset I am talking about is about the reset to get back our god given freedom. THese demons have lost control and pushing an agenda which was going to fail in the long run. The laws of the universe doesn’t allow this and we are being awakened everyday to the lies and deceit people we are fed from these so called masters. There will be arrests from the citizens. Arrest the tyranny and bring back our freedoms. This is going to happen. Be prepared and be ready.


Here it is folks. This is one of my favourite podcasts. This is going to be very turbulant in the next couple of months. The USA election is one of the most important in the world and 2020 is the cross roads. We are going through a transformation which is going to be more control from these demons who run it or us to break through and live free like we are supposed to be. We are in exciting time, we saw the power of the people come out to vote for a person who was appointed to have us realize how much power we have. I stand with the American people because what I have said is that if the country falls then freedom will not exist anywhere. I do not think it is going to happen. American people are resilient and will realize that in the long run. This realization as you see is being mirrored around the world. People want freedom and not control and the narrative of the COVID lockdowns is slowly dying because there is a consciousness in the air where more people are questioning these draconion measures. This is not going to stop and I think this is the last stand these demons have and they are realizing that their magic is not working on us anymore and the shift is going to be momentus when the true election winner of the USA elections will be announced.


This is the age of revelation. The spell is slowly dying on us, the deception and programming of the system which is before us. The truth is slowly amplifying to the masses and it will be a shocker when it comes through your ears. The television and news all over North America is in on it. They have a script they follow and you need to do as they say and not think about it. They tell you what to eat, who to watch, and so on, but this illusion is slowly dying. This is the age of revelation, if you can’t see this then you are not awake yet. We are living in great times right now this is going to be a shocker when we know what these demons have been up to. They have been shook by the most high and they will pay for their sins when it is all said and done. The people will be free at last.

Maybe I am not the only one having these dreams. The dream of getting my freedom back. The symbolism of the dream I explained in this podcast is something I think is on a lot of peoples mind. The part where we bum rushed the bar and ripped it down and then built a bunch of little spots in the club for all cliques. Maybe it means break the corrupt system down and build it for all people to prosper. It was a very vivid dream and one of the best dreams I had in a while. That is why I am optimistic when it comes to people waking up and see that we need to think for ourselves and quit listening to these mind jobs these bureaucrats are spraying in us. The human spirit is at stake right now and we need to lift it up any way possible and that is being good to each other and supporting each other. Speak truth to power.

Here is the truth out of my words. We as a country have been sold out by our politicians and we had no say in it. This Covid virus is what this is. The selling of Canada. This agenda has been in play for a while and the ‘virus’ was the starting point. All I got to say is what happened to the flu? We eradicated it? These people I mean demons have got us stressed and thinking that we are going to die from a virus which has a 99 percent recovery rate depending on your age and immune system. This is the worst fraud that has been put on us. We need to hold these demon politicians accountable and thinking of putting a citizens arrest on a whole lot of them. Lets stop our country from being sold to the highest foreign bidder because they do not have our interests in mind. This is a TAKE OVER!


People everywhere are given the god given right to be free to pursue their meaning of happiness. We can not do that with these shackles being introduced to us and letting us know this is the new normal. There is no new normal, there is just normal. People need to wake up and see that most of these people in power do not have the best interest at heart for us, there is always a hidden agenda which would prove detrimental to us in the long run. We need to give up something in order to get something in return. The only bargaining I would do is with my wife because I know that it will not impede my freedom to do anything in this world. This will be the test moving forward, in the next 10 years how we view our society to be. The pendulum is swung so far on one side that it feels like there is no turning back but the universe has a way to balance things out. One entity cannot have all the control because that would lead to chaos. There is a destruction here of the human spirit which can never be extenguished, we as a people need to nuture ours and make it stronger because we need it moving into these unpredictable times.


This is a joint podcast with my friend Maveen Kaura of Discover your Life Today podcast. We speak on Covid and how it is affecting our lives right now and also what will happen moving forward. It is a very intriguing back and forth as we share our thoughts and ideas. This will be the first of many and be sure to check out Maveen’s you tube channel too ‘Discover Your Life Today’ you can catch the podcast there too.