This is the ware which is going to be fought by research and truth.  The truth is out there and the powers that were are trying to silence it.  I have been doing my vlog and writing blogs for a year now and trying to plant a seed and I will keep on doing this so that I can awake people.  Even if I awaken one person to this fake racket which is forced upon us I am doing a service to humanity.  Please use your discernment when researching some information where ever you do get it from.  Keep your mind open. If you think you are the only one who thinks the way you do, you might be surprised that many are on your wave length.  Keep going and plant seeds where ever you go.

All I can say is we are part of the biggest history change in human history.  The reason we are named generation X (this is my generation) is we are the unknown and our journey is going to be full of the most intriguing journeys.  We are not going to war at all but we a revolution of technology, society differences, and the reset of the human spirit.  This change is going to make us ascend or descend and we need to pick that side.  Us as human beings have been slaves for too long and it is time for us to not waste our energy on these fake falsehoods that have been set for us for so long.  We will be servants to something that will make us whole instead of taking us piece by piece. This is going to be the best time, make it count.  Make it count!!


It’s happening. We are in the cross roads that will see a change in our society as well as our hearts.  The information coming out will surprise you.  The trick is to find this information which you will not see on regular television or the newspapers (if you still read those).  The whole witch hunt of the US president which fell to the waste side means that we will be experiencing much more truth coming out to the public which will shock you but will also wake you up a little more.  The war between good and evil is coming to fruition and it is going be forceful and this fight will affect you in a major way.  I know most people are good and want to live a life of promise and prosperity.  With the truth which is going to come out will shock a lot of people but it will stir us to live the life we are supposed to.  This is what we are waiting for and we will see how the lies and propaganda will fall and the majority will rise which is us.


This will be the last post of just me for a bit. Going to bhave some good guests on and we are going to get into a lot of subjects. This vlog is a sensitive one but needed to be said, I am going to expand on this with my guests in the coming weeks.  It is going to be very interesting.


Another great info podcast guys.  I just want to get the truth out and push my audience to do their research and get the facts.  I know time is not on our side but we need to know whats going on around us so we can protect our own.  These people who run the world do not care about us.  THey have us in the illusion and take our power away but they know they cant do that. We will rise up all of us and when that happens we will prevail and live the prosperous life we were promised when we set foot on mother earth.

Hi Guys,

Happy New year. Check out my Vlog tonight. It has some good tidbits in it.  I cannot stress, do your research.  I will be going deeper through the year with the current events and also some human history which will blow your mind. I am just planting the seed so people can open their minds. In time we will and it will be glorious when human kind is going to wake up finally. I will see the awakening in my lifetime. I garauntee this.