The Great reset is upon us but we will need to tell ourselves or even show ourselves which one we want to have. Is it the one which strips us of our freedoms and us to become slaves like taking vaccines which are not tested and being lockdown in our houses or arrested for breathing? Or is it the one we take our power back by going after these tyrants who want to do this to us? I choose the second one, we are many and our voices need to be heard and fast. These people are trying to speed up the process by injecting us with poison and telling us not to trust our bodies anymore. These people are evil and they have been exposed. First we go after their money, I see what is happening in wall street and it is just the beginning. These tyrants, we know who they are. They are the people who think they govern us but they aren’t. They are feebale human beings who know they are losing so they lash out. You cannot stop truth anymore, this whole system is coming down and we need to put our pedal to the medal to fight for what is ours and live free once and for all.


This is going to be the most exciting ending of a movie which has been going on for 100 years. People are waking up in masses to the illusion which has been put on us since we were a ‘free’ society. The shift is done and we will see our freedom reign like never before. The people who have fought and died for this will not be forgotten for their sacrifices. We will come together and find that the lie which was exposed to us will be revealed and the truth will shine on. Do not be afraid, just be prepared and we will help each other through these exciting times. The Storm is coming but will bring sunshine to us in the end.

This video is about the 2021 inaguaration and it is going to be biblical. This is going to shape the world for years to come. Either we are done as a free and democratic place or we a surps to the ruling class. That is not going to happen as we are shifting into a higher consciousness as human race. We are going to be free whether we like it or not. Hopefully we like it. This is going to awaken a lot of people in the coming days or weeks. We are going to witness history and I am proud to be part of it.


This is the new year 2021 hopefully not a continuation of 2020. This is the Apocalypse, not about chaos but about the revelation where truth will prevail over the lies we have been told. This is going to be hard for some people but the ones who are ready for this will understand. We need to get our spirit and also our power back as human beings. We are our destiny and we should not have to give our destiny to anyone to control. This is some good times we are living in and it will come to pass later one. We will see that the emperor has no clothes!! This is going to be biblical.