Trump Winning this Election will be the difference Between Free and Fair or More of the Same

Here it is folks. This is one of my favourite podcasts. This is going to be very turbulant in the next couple of months. The USA election is one of the most important in the world and 2020 is the cross roads. We are going through a transformation which is going to be more control from these demons who run it or us to break through and live free like we are supposed to be. We are in exciting time, we saw the power of the people come out to vote for a person who was appointed to have us realize how much power we have. I stand with the American people because what I have said is that if the country falls then freedom will not exist anywhere. I do not think it is going to happen. American people are resilient and will realize that in the long run. This realization as you see is being mirrored around the world. People want freedom and not control and the narrative of the COVID lockdowns is slowly dying because there is a consciousness in the air where more people are questioning these draconion measures. This is not going to stop and I think this is the last stand these demons have and they are realizing that their magic is not working on us anymore and the shift is going to be momentus when the true election winner of the USA elections will be announced.


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