Maybe I am not the only one having these dreams. The dream of getting my freedom back. The symbolism of the dream I explained in this podcast is something I think is on a lot of peoples mind. The part where we bum rushed the bar and ripped it down and then built a bunch of little spots in the club for all cliques. Maybe it means break the corrupt system down and build it for all people to prosper. It was a very vivid dream and one of the best dreams I had in a while. That is why I am optimistic when it comes to people waking up and see that we need to think for ourselves and quit listening to these mind jobs these bureaucrats are spraying in us. The human spirit is at stake right now and we need to lift it up any way possible and that is being good to each other and supporting each other. Speak truth to power.

Here is the truth out of my words. We as a country have been sold out by our politicians and we had no say in it. This Covid virus is what this is. The selling of Canada. This agenda has been in play for a while and the ‘virus’ was the starting point. All I got to say is what happened to the flu? We eradicated it? These people I mean demons have got us stressed and thinking that we are going to die from a virus which has a 99 percent recovery rate depending on your age and immune system. This is the worst fraud that has been put on us. We need to hold these demon politicians accountable and thinking of putting a citizens arrest on a whole lot of them. Lets stop our country from being sold to the highest foreign bidder because they do not have our interests in mind. This is a TAKE OVER!


People everywhere are given the god given right to be free to pursue their meaning of happiness. We can not do that with these shackles being introduced to us and letting us know this is the new normal. There is no new normal, there is just normal. People need to wake up and see that most of these people in power do not have the best interest at heart for us, there is always a hidden agenda which would prove detrimental to us in the long run. We need to give up something in order to get something in return. The only bargaining I would do is with my wife because I know that it will not impede my freedom to do anything in this world. This will be the test moving forward, in the next 10 years how we view our society to be. The pendulum is swung so far on one side that it feels like there is no turning back but the universe has a way to balance things out. One entity cannot have all the control because that would lead to chaos. There is a destruction here of the human spirit which can never be extenguished, we as a people need to nuture ours and make it stronger because we need it moving into these unpredictable times.