This is a joint podcast with my friend Maveen Kaura of Discover your Life Today podcast. We speak on Covid and how it is affecting our lives right now and also what will happen moving forward. It is a very intriguing back and forth as we share our thoughts and ideas. This will be the first of many and be sure to check out Maveen’s you tube channel too ‘Discover Your Life Today’ you can catch the podcast there too.


Let Freedom Reign. This is going to be a revealing 3 months. We as a people need to do our due dilgence and really inform ourselves on what our government is doing and what we can do as a people to stop from living in fear and losing freedoms we once had. The reset is upon us and it could go either way, will it be that we get rid of these narcassistic demons and get our society back or will we let them control us. This was never about the virus or whatever distraction is coming from our news sources. It was always about control. It’s control of our human spirit. They want it to be diminished so it is easier for these demons to plan what they have for us. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN.

There is one thing that we need to do to get the world awakened. We need to expose the masses to this real pandemic which is human trafficking especially kids. I attended a rally last week which was SAVE THE CHILDREN. If you did not know these rallies are popping up all across the world, this is real. The minute we stop this madness the more the human spirit will be free. The worst thing in this world you can do is harm a child, that is harming innocence. This is the fastest thing to killing or selling your soul. When the world awakens to this and it will be soon, we will banish these demons back to where they came from. It will be glorious when this awakening is done. I implore everybody who listens to this podcast to do your research on this and get involved in what ever way because we were once kids and if they are destroyed internally we will not have a society to live in anymore.