We are nearing the end of this charade.  We as a people need to wake up and then stand up. This is not about the virus, it is about control. First they told us to stay in our house for 2 weeks to stop the spread, then it turned into 2 months.  Then now they are telling us to wear masks temporarily. What is next people? This is about control. The next phase is getting our consent to take a vaccine which has been in testing for 12 months. This should be the last straw and I implore people to stand up to this.  It is some scary times we live in they say,but it is really the awakening times.  The truth is slowly getting leaked out and more people are seeing what this really is.  It is not about the virus it is about control.  We need to take this control back, we need to live our lives to the best of our abilities and this is not it. We will prevail.  This is a war between good and evil but evil will always perish when a few good people rise up and this is what is happening.  Never fear anything because it is just an illusion.  We will prevail. I will keep speaking my mind and truth.  This is going to be a long journey but I am down to take this all the way.

Are these the last days?  Only for the demons who have been taking control of the peoples freedom of the world.  These demons are on their last throws to try and gain control of the system they built where it is slowly crumbling on them.  There is no turning back. The only thing these demons have is an offense which is predictable and the illusion they are trying to portray on the public is slowly disappearing.  The COVID situation, the manufactured anti-racism riots which are not even about racism anymore.  There are a lot of victims dying in this war and the people responsible for this will be persecuted if not by the law but by the most high.  The house of cards are coming down especially with the arrest of one of the notorious handler in the last 30 years Ghisllean Maxwell (might have spelt her name wrong).  This is just the beginning, we need a change in direction for our society and these demons need to be put to where they belong and that is hell with the cage locked for eternity.  This will happen and we will have an awakening like never before.  Hang on people, it is going to be a bumpy ride.




Happy Canada Day.  This is when Canada got its independence.  We need to be fighting for that everyday.  It is going to be hard because there are a lot of demons trying to take that from us. We need to be deligent in every way and not take our rights for granted.  Most people are good and only want the best for others and themselves and we need to be like that coming up in the next 6 months or even longer. The powers that were are about to be defeated, their system is crumbling and they have all their ammunition pointed and firing at will with manufactured events.  This will fail, and when it does it will be liberating to say the least.   We as a people will have the great honour of growing our society that everyone race, creed, and colour will enjoy.  This will go on for generations and its up to us right now to teach it and work on it everyday.