Stick Together

I have been doing this for 2 years.  I was red pilled in 2010, I saw what the agenda was with our society.  It is about control and not freedom.  If we are not careful we will be on the brink of distruction of the human race.  That chipping in the skin is not a joke, that is just part of the end game.  It might come in a actual chip put in your skin or maybe a vaccine? It is going to be a fight to the finish.  The earth has a different frequency it happened ever since 2012.  The weather got more intense with the heat, the storms etc.  This takes a toll on the human mind in a good and bad way. Lots of people feel the effect of this because we are the children of this earth and also the sun.  We are about to embark on the journey that will free us and it is because of the frequencies we are experiencing that lots of people are being awake.  The spell we were in for 1000 of years is slowly disapating and we see that the world we are living in is not what it seems.  We will be the ones who need to create our own world with freedom of self and others.  It is time.

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