We are in the last days.  The last days of the great Awakening or the New World Order.  We as a human species are wired to be great inb every way and people putting restrictions on you do not have your best interests.  This Vlog is to wake people up and try to get them to see what is really the reason why these demons are trying to stop you.  They cannot survive without you but they are like vampires.  They survive on all the bad things which come out of you for example your fear, your madness, your jealousy.  That’s what the secret is.  These demons feed over your negativity.  We need to wake up and hopefully it is not too late.  This is a war and its been fought for over thousands of years and we as humans are in a big transition which will change us for millenia.  It will be in our life time like right now.  When you are ready you will see the truth and it might scare you or make you angry but the real antitode is to stick together.  Gather the information put forth for us.  People love to read the bible but the bible is also the internet library which has been put forth for us.  Read, research and code this because there is information there that will set you free and join this war as a soldier and maybe a general to lead your squad to the ascension we deserve. It will come down to which agenda will be the one to take the human race to the next level.  Be in this fight.

This has been a trying time, for the world and the human race.  I have been here for 41 years its not a long time but everything has been coming to me in a blink of an eye..  Its been crazy. No one believes me that we will be ok.  we are stronger than what people want us to be   so we need to be strong.  we will bw ok if we stick together but the most important thing is that find out the real cause of our problems to fix it.  I am blabbing an typing shit that is the bottom line.  We are stuck in a vortex of pain, when we know that we can be ok that is when we willl succed and that is the truth. Fear is the driving force of  the human racew, when we conquer it we will be ok.  My friends dont feel that way and want to preach it till the day they die but I will be th elast person to tell them that their words will be the last,  we will survive and that is the truth.  We will look at this virus, or whatever yo u want to call it and say, I have beaten you.  The human body is stronger than anything that has been put on us, we have made this world ours.  The people who want to take us out have tried numerous times but have made us multiply 7 times as you see today.  We will beat this because we are bigger than any economic system, socialist system, biological system. We will keep going becuse we are H.U.M.A.N. Dont you forget that.