Its time to rejoice people, this is the time to look into yourselves and really find what matters to you.  I have been saying for the longest time, our generation is going to see a shift in society evolution that will trascend us to the next level.  It is up to us to seize this moment and better ourselves to become what we are supposed to be and that is, GOD LIKE. I am not trying to be blasphemous in any way, there is one creator for sure but we share the same characteristics as thee because we are part of a frequency and vibration which is universal in a very complicated way.  This will make sense as we go down this journey and we will find more answers which will make us better with ourselves and others and also the universe itself.  Time will never run out for us as we are recycled so that we can figure ourselves out to become what we will be in many meliunia (which is not a long time at all). Rejoice people, this is the time.