Getting Down to Business

This is the best time we are living in. I just have to say that again.  We want to be free as human beings, that is from all the vices this society has put on us.  I believe to be a free human being you work on yourself not work to provide for your self.  Let me explain.  We as human beings need to ascend to the nexrt phase of our evolution. I think vices have been put on us like the ‘daily stresses of life’ for us to not hit our potential. Sure you can study and become a doctor, engineer, great basketball player. Ask yourself is that all that you can do as a human being? Expand your mind as the matrix movie has told us. We need to push the limits of our minds and the sooner we get rid of these vices we experience everyday this will happen.  I dont know how we can do this but what I do know is we need to get rid of the darkness which encompasses us.  This darkness is invisible to some of us or we just choose to ignore it.  These energies are keeping us where we are right now and what we are doing right now thinking that it is the right way to live? In my opnion it is hold us back.  I am optimistic we are going to get there and one way is to not put value and energy on these illusions of grandja and to look within and become what we are supposed to be, GODS.

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