It’s happening. We are in the cross roads that will see a change in our society as well as our hearts.  The information coming out will surprise you.  The trick is to find this information which you will not see on regular television or the newspapers (if you still read those).  The whole witch hunt of the US president which fell to the waste side means that we will be experiencing much more truth coming out to the public which will shock you but will also wake you up a little more.  The war between good and evil is coming to fruition and it is going be forceful and this fight will affect you in a major way.  I know most people are good and want to live a life of promise and prosperity.  With the truth which is going to come out will shock a lot of people but it will stir us to live the life we are supposed to.  This is what we are waiting for and we will see how the lies and propaganda will fall and the majority will rise which is us.