I have been reading a lot of alternative news articles on websites like ‘The Event Chronicle’, “Stillness of the Storm’ “The Daily Sheeple’ ‘Zerohedge’. With all the news coming from “Project Veritas’ of how one of the biggest news media CNN has been making up stories of the president without any proof and showing it off as news just to get ratings. This is very damning and proves that journalism in the mainstream is pretty much a TV reality show. It feels that the real journalists now are from the websites I have named above.

Real journalists used to do their work back in the 1950s, even 80s when the journalists would take their time to investigate and also weed out their sources. They would take their time and deliver what they needed to put out to inform the people of their country. There might be some propaganda involved but the facts were never conscrewed. One such journalist was Gary Webb, he single handedly exposed that the CIA were running drugs in the USA to fund a war to change a government regime in South America. Gary would investigate his facts and leads to make sure that the truth would come out and his book ‘Dark Alliance’ is a beacon of truth and how journalists should do their jobs.

I don’t blame how journalists are now. They tried to get with the new and fast information of 2010s, how every one has a path to any kind of information with a touch of the button. The analytical journalists are really dinosaurs now. Our human brains are getting fed information every day probably 10 times more than 20 years ago. Technology has changed and where it can make us question is, Can it make us more or less advanced?

With how fast this information coming, is it too fast for our brains to handle? Only time will tell. We have been a resilient bunch for millions of years now ( speaking about us humans). Is this our advancement or our extinction? Are we being taken over by more advanced humans? This has happened before according to our history. The cave men, next to us is a total difference. Are we the next cave men? I will explore this later on in my 4th blog.



Rising Action:

I want to talk about the transition which is happening in the world right now. Never in my life am I seeing what is going on in this world. Feels like everyone is on an even keel. The Grunsfell tower in England defined the point I am making. After that tower caught on fire and by the way, it did not collapse at all. That was just a fire ( my point is the world trade enters did not collapse by fire). When the Queen was visiting this place, I saw in a video she was being heckled by some very angry people as their place of residence was flamed out and her government knew. How does that feel? The place which was supposed to be renovated, and it was. They cut corners to save money, people died. Like my blog before, we need to get rid of the Money magic. That is one of the events.

How the elections played out in the United States, that was a blessing. That was one of the strongest strongholds, the USA. When Trump got elected it turned the tables. The outsider got in and he is going to crash the party which has been happening for far too long. In England, another strong hold is getting blasted by terrorists attacks every week. The government put in place is not doing their job. It is hard to say if Jeremy Corbin is the real deal if he takes over. But the amount of violence happening there feels like the old powers that were are still not going down with a fight. But to reiterate the point is that it is not working and another benevolent power is opening people’s minds? With that amount of violence happening, it is really doing the opposite. It is waking up the masses which we are saying to ourselves, this is a set up. Donald Trump was the reality tv king, does he know that he might be directing the best reality tv show we have ever seen or is he bringing us to the true reality?

The cancer in our governments across the world want to kill as many people as possible and they will stop at nothing. All I can say is that we need to unplug and research all the facts given to us, it has to be precise because of all these stories coming out there is a lot of truth in them. The truth always hides, it is up to us to fish it out. That is how our minds evolve, the human brain is the best AI computer in the universe. Our vibrations right now are at an all time high. We can see it and feel it. If you would have told me that Donald Trump would be president 10 years ago… who would believe me? This is a mind fuck. It is for us to unplug and see what the real picture is going to be.




Hillary Clinton is a serial trafficker. The Clinton family are notorious in trafficking anything from drugs, guns and humans (check out Gary Webbs Dark Alliance) this is her calling because of her roots. Please research Hillary Clinton’s mentor. She has been doing these callous deeds for years. That family didn’t stop there, and note that Bill Clinton is the grandson of a Rockefeller, these powerful men so they call it have numerous kids. They keep dabs on them all through out their lives and they look out to see who can do their bidding in the future.

I would not be surprised if Hillary and Bill are cousins. When you are a crook to even sell a human body for profit you have no shame. She sold secrets of her company which is the US government for more money. She is a career politician and that is the place you can run your racket. You have the power to write these meaningless laws. Just to get more money from your so called cattle. (the North American population). “The Clinton Family’ is probably worth 15 billion dollars and all of it is for the souls she has sold for those riches. What we don’t know is that the money stays in one place. All those families are connected, Bushes, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, and so on. Check out Fitz Springmeire’s ‘Thirteen Families of the Illuminati.’ Karma has caught up to all these families. One instant is when Hillary lost the election. She still doesn’t realize that she got defeated because she is not blaming herself for it. Hillary forgot about 99 percent of the people in the USA. Hillary lost because she was not in touch. People are waking up everywhere. I am in Canada and I can tell we are waking up too. Justin Trudeau is one person I will say is a straight actor. The guy is not a politician, he is just a puppet to siphon more money from the Canadian people to run his family’s trust.

How can you have one of your members of parliament own some shares from a hedge fund company and you won’t answer any questions about it? That is BS and he should be ashamed. You can fall in love with this guys good looks and smile while he reaches around you to steal your wallet. That is what we elected. Straight up crook. I live in Alberta tell us how that government is helping us? We had one of the craziest ‘natural disasters’ in Fort McMurray and no aid from the government. Many people have been forced to foreclose on homes and business cause insurance would not cover them even if they had it. So many tricks are being played and I its time to fight back. Justin Trudeau is not cut out to be Prime Minister and should not be at all. . Alberta is self reliant and once we will figure our province out we will rise again.



Falling Action:

We need to shape our lives. Slowly but surely the power is being shifted from the criminals that be the cancer to the people. The government, the police, the lawyers, teachers, army, lets neutralize the tumour within that system which is supposed to protect and support us. It is only a few not all. We are calling out the injustices that is happening across the world. How we work our lives to get a piece of the pie just for it to be syphoned off. Our pockets are dry. I have been in a third world country and it is the same thing I am seeing in Canada. The illusion of freedom is so deep that we are not realizing that it is just that.

The illusion is real, we need to get our power back, we need to get that energy which make us human and try to balance it with this universe we live in. Our souls are at stake and if we don’t claim them then some one else will. How much you hate Donald Trump I believe his soul is pure. He was not brought up in the matrix which is the USA government. Love it or hate it the criminals that were have influence in the world but that mirror is being broken. Trump is just one of the events to bring balance to the universe. The Brexit vote, Greece and Italy default along with Spain and the vote of independence is the awakening we are seeing. Syria winning their battle for their country from a bunch of mad guns for hire. The indictments coming to the USA has the walls falling. Russia kicking the global banks out their country and trying to get a gold standard to be a world currency is a good step forward as I believe money should be abolished entirely. I implore the readers of this blog to research these events. Trust me you will get a great understanding about the pendulum swing which is in the direction of good to the people of this planet.




In the last couple of months it looks like the transition is almost complete. The fake and the wicked are getting exposed. Fear is the biggest obstacle, once you know its just an illusion the sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions cause thats when the truth is exposed. As much information taken in, please use discretion and don’t be afraid to go through that rabbit hole. We demand to be free and feel like we are whole as a species. We as people have been pushed to the brink, Our collective energy and consciousness is balancing this earth’s energy around us. That is why the earth is getting hotter. Our energy is hitting all sides of our solar system. We are on the brink of that balance and when that happens we are going on a different path to help our ascension. It cannot be stopped as that is the universe’s flow. We need to embrace it and have it work to better ourselves because there is a lot of other species who can take that energy and use it for themselves and their agendas. The energy is already here and we are transforming it into something that is good. Lets get it.

Money magic Trick

Paragraph One

Money: The Greatest Magic Trick of all Time Do you know what Greatest magic trick of all time is? No, it was not performed by David Blane, David Copperfield or Harry Houdini.

The trick is not a person getting sawed in half nor is it a slight of hand disappearing card tricks.

The best magic trick I have seen is how the banks and government get the money in your wallet or bank account.

Like other influencing bloggers, podcasters and alternative TV programing I am planting a seed to help people see that there is a better way and system to live in an be a part of. In this blog, I would like you to consider watching the YouTube documentary, ‘Rich Man’s Trick’. To get a complete picture I also ask you to read, ‘All Wars are Bankers Wars’ by Michael Rivera.

You can also head over to usingyourpower and listen to episode 30, The Corrupt Banking System, with Maveen Kaura and David Andrew Wiebe.

The resources I have provided will add as additional facts to back up my claims that money is the greatest magic trick of all time.

The Illusion Ever since we moved away from the barter system, we have been living in an illusion. If you are not aware of it, it will be very hard to see through.

I challenge you to ask yourself as I do, who really is in charge of your life?

Is it you or some other entity which has been hiding in the shadows? This entity has been hiding so long that once it is exposed, we will need to take away its power.

I am talking about the “all mighty dollar.”

Why have we put so much power behind a piece of paper that it causes people to cheat, lie, steal, conquer and invade countries and even kill each other for it?

To me, this piece of paper is not real. We have put our life’s energy into propping up this item, in the long run it will end up killing us literally as we continue to work well past our golden years to get it so we can pay our bills, eat and survive. How insane is that? Growing up With Money I have come to realize we have been programmed, from an early age about money. Questions and statements like, “What do you want to do when you grow up? You need to go to school, get a job, make money, get married and own a house and fancy car have been programmed into our thinking.

Paragraph Two

I believe you and I have heard these statements to program us to fall for the greatest magic trick of all time. To believe we need to chase money all our life. If you are well off and understand money you will not have an issue as you go through life, but that is a very small percentage of us.

Many millionaires, and want to be millionaires, flaunt their credit card lifestyle to showcase their success.

They do not have any tangibles like gold, silver or land. They have paper money, which will someday just be a digital number, in their bank account.

The people who created the illusion set up this system long time ago so they can own all those tangibles items. They left us in a losing system where what we own can be taken away with a stroke of a key on your computer.

Why Money?

There is a quote which says, “Money makes the world go around.” I believe we need to change that quote to, “The love of money and power will destroy the world.”

I will be probably questioned and persecuted, by some for what I am bringing to light in this article.

As I continue to do my research, I have found that there is only a few people who control this illusion put on us.

I will use the term ‘Babylon Money Magic’ to help me explain what I am referring to. When I have, in-depth and educated conversation with my peers they always ask me one question, “Isn’t this the way it is and always will be?” People say, “That is how the world is and currency is important for the world to function.”

I do not agree.

Money has brought a lot of misery to billions of people around the world. Countries in the Middle East are being invaded because of the monetary system. A system that destroys governments, kills innocent people, depletes natural recourses and displaces millions of people. People who may never get a change to live a “normal” life again.

All for what? More money, resources and a “better life” for us in North America?

It Can Be Better For All of Us Everything has a value on it, think about that for a second.


Including you and me. We are slaves to the greatest magic and it is time we break free. We need to find a better way to be sustainable in this world. To be sustainable I feel that we need to get rid of money.

Paragraph Three

That of course is a monumental task. If we can accomplish this we can gain a lot of our control back for our lives. I am not talking about going to a different currency system such as a digital money. Digital money is a society with no paper currency, just a number in our accounts where we can access our money with something called a debit card.

Right this system already exists and countries like Canada are slowly discontinuing money, such as when they took away the penny. Money costs money to print, distribute and monitor against criminal activity.

Digital currency would take away those additional costs but at the expense of our long-term freedoms.

Banking System and Homes I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. What would happen if all the homeowners in my city stopped paying their mortgage all at once for 90 days?

The bank would like you to believe if do not pay your mortgage for about three months, they have the right to take your house away from you.

Could the government, banks and other systems in place really take away the homes of every Canadian citizen?

What about the country you live in? Could the government in your country force everyone out of their home and tell people to live in the streets?

If we did as a collective society did not pay could we ultimately crash the banking system, the stock market and the government, who has been lying to us about the illusion of the dollar?

Break The Current Money System The thought of money takes over the very essence of our soul and that is when we become a slave to the money. Money becomes our master versus us being the master over our own essence.

In my opinion, the only way to break free from our chains is to stop conforming to the system which enslaves us. Money is just the beginning of this system.

First, we need to replace the way we think about this ‘Babylon Money Magic’. This de-programming might take years as our generation of people will need to be thought about the new non-money system.

For us to strive we will need to reset the way we live and bring forth something that will fulfill our lives and others too. This money magic is not the answer, if we eliminate this piece of paper there would be a drastic drop in crime, poverty and war.

Second, we need to stop paying taxes. Taxation is a major cause of problems in our society. How have we allowed the government to tell us that we need to pay tax to avoid jail time?

We are told the government needs money for building roads, schools, hospitals but they continue to print billions of dollars each year to fight wars and control us through drugs, media and this thing called work.


We need to take our energy back and manifest it into something different rather than what it is currently. The greatest magic trick really manifests our deepest demons including jealousy, greed and lust. For many of us money is in our conscious thoughts and does not allow us to grow past these manifestations.

We are a powerful species because we can manifest energy and create mostly anything we want. Somewhere along our journey of the human evolution we have forgotten this. Instead we allowed ourselves to believe money can solve all our problems.

There is system, in which we can all partake in, where equality for all exists. The system I am asking everyone to wake up to does not have a name. I have a vision and this vision includes asking your thoughts on how we need to change the world.

I feel people are beginning to see through the illusion. People are waking up and looking at their life situations and seeing that there is no fairness in this system we are in. The system is not equal for everyone.

Little do you know that your birth certificate is actually sold on the stock market the day you are born and when your parents sign this paper. You have a value put on you till you are in your grave. The value is what you bring to this economy. This will come with taxation for every paycheque you get.

I am a human being not a commodity.

Podcast Blog 1 Energy and Duality

Title –  Energy and Duality


This has been a great start to the year. What I have learned is, “you make life what you want it to be.” That is the power of the human spirit. There’s been a lot going the last month but I have stayed strong through the adversity.

I have been working on my podcast for the last three months.  With the recording that have been completed, I have laid the foundation. I want to bring conversations to my listeners which will challenge their train of thought in a different way. Try to put them out of their bubble and really think on a different perspective. I want to expand their minds.

Tapping in to Potential

Everyone has the capacity to tap into the potential of their mind. They are great things which the human mind has produced and I feel that we can go further if we tap into it more deeper. The potential has no boundaries. We as a human race have been striving to become better.  That feeling of emptiness and sometimes loneliness is our mind telling us to tap in more into ourselves to discover ourselves and ascend to something greater than before.

I am blessed to have some great people in my life and they know who they are. Do you have people like that in your life?

My friend Maveen Kaura encourage me to write something after every podcast. This was my passion when I was younger and continues till this day.  At the age of 10 I was writing books.

My peers remember the ‘Jakukahua Stories’.  These were short stories I used to write when I was in grade 6. They might be still at my moms house as I keep all my school work from that time. I will share them with you of course later on with a little editing.  My English has got a lot better through the times (I think).

There is a journey we must all follow. That journey I believe is to free the mind and express your thoughts to people who are willing to join you in yours and share theirs at the same time.

We need to get out of our bubble and look at what is happening all around the world. Our backyard doesn’t only spread around the Earth, it is further than that to the known and unknown Universe. Even one person who is ignorant, will set the human race back.

I am a black man and very proud to be one. I know I am not above anybody and no one is above me. I defend what I believe in and fight for the equality for people.  Unfortunately there is titles put on us as human beings from color, to gender, you name it.  I am fine with those titles being put but what is not kosher is when those titles are used to enslave and also take energy from the human race, like not granting jobs or killing for the sake that people are different from you.  This is disgusting and will stop when we understand each other on that certain level we were meant to get to.


The artist with the biggest influence in my life has been Tupac Shakur. He was a rap artist from the 1990s.  Not only was he an artist but also something revolutionary. I think he epitomizes the fight and struggle that goes on within yourself. He puts his internal battle into scriptures which he transforms into songs. Music is a platform that combines words and rhythm to help us expand as human beings.

I listen to many influential people who have their own podcasts. People like Jeff Rense, Tariq Nasheed, David Seaman, Popeye and Jimmy Church. These people are great orators and they speak with conviction. They stick to what they believe and have a prospect of the mind which will make you question what is happening around you.

But I think they are missing one important thing.

Can they unite everyone on this planet? All seven billion people on Earth need to find that one cause and expand the mind, body and spirit. I understand this is a lot to ask of any one person.

We as human species are of a duality. The struggle between “good” and “evil”, makes us feel like we are always caught in this eternal war with ourselves. This stems from the ‘morals’ we are taught from an early age.

Why do we have this internal battle that rages within ourselves? That should be the question we should be asking ourselves to gain a better understanding of who we are. Are we programmed to be like this? Or is there something more we need to understand for us to become whole?

As you can see, I have a lot of questions to ask. That is why I have been speaking in depth, to a lot of my close friends on my podcast.

Expanding the Mind

There is massive amount of information put in front of us daily. This information causes us to choose the side that have the perceived strongest points. The ability to process all this information is what the all mighty universe has given us.

You have two sides to you. One side allows you to be the very best. The second allows you to destroy yourself. We can triumph after being trampled on but the goal is to conquer being common.

This means to ascend into something that you have never experienced. How does one achieve this? How do you go to the next level?

You can begin to learn how by watching your favorite artists, athletes or someone you feel has reached levels you hope to.

After Michael Jordan became one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, they said being cut form his high school team drove him. Was that the only thing? How does duality play a big role in this? What does it take for you to be the ascended person? Would you kill or put someone at a disadvantage for you to become that?

My Own Experience

One thing I work on daily is keeping an open mind. It is easier to write this statement than continually practice it. I believe if you have an open mind, you can walk in the middle of duality.

Being understanding is what ascends us humans to another level. We are filled with emotions. If you can control them, you can be the master of so many situations that encompass you. The things that we are bombarded with each day play with our emotional state. Emotions are the gateway to the soul and what makes us human.

Since I am a black man and can only speak from my experiences as a black man, I feel my people are the most emotional people in society. Do you have the same feeling about people from your cultural background?

Every living creature has an energy vibration but I believe those vibrations are felt most by African and all Native people. If you are a woman, from these two groups, I believe you feel the vibration even more because you are in tune with Mother Earth. Only female species can bring life into this world, except for some fish species, according to Wikipedia. The female species are with the earth on a totally different level than anything on earth right now.  They are close to our known universe and also the unknown. I think that the female species would be the ones to ascend a lot quicker than any other species in the universe.  I think that they carry the most of the god gene because they are the ones who can continue life on earth.

Discovering Oneself

How can we be one with ourselves and try to accept this duality? I believe it comes from trying to balance the energy from within us. If you can balance your energy, then you can make a change.

Where can you find that balance? A balance where we can walk the line between duality.

I believe we must help our fellow human beings. The question is who is the one with the overwhelming energy?

We are conditioned to see the negative in life. It can be hard to stay positive when you feel the world is closing in on you. This is just an illusion. The world will never close in on you. Just breath. We are all singularity. We breath the same air and we bleed the same blood. That is what matters.

Can we push ourselves up to become great? I know we can.

Make good and bad energy a bridge to cross because our fate is the same when we ascend to the afterlife. Learning to balance that energy is the equation or a puzzle we are trying to solve.


The grand “Rubix Cube” will let you taste the fruit of anything you need. In my opinion the movie, “The Matrix” is one of the best movie of all time. The reason I believe this is because it is the essence of what I am talking about. How could Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, stop bullets that were coming at him?

I believe Bruce Lee’s statement explains the answer when he said, “Be like water my friend.”

If you watch water it can take any form. It is one of the most powerful things on this planet. It makes up all living beings. H2O has found balance on earth and the in other parts of the Universe.

Perhaps there is another element which is stronger than water? One we have yet to discover. Let us aspire to be like water. Human babies are made of 78% water which by adulthood drops to about 60%. Water has found balance with everything on earth.

If we simple human beings can find balance, we will ascend.